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Summer 08
sith, me, ary, myself

Lot of time to cover in one post.
The spring semester's been over for a while now, and it was so far my favourite semester at UMD. HIST225 was an amazing course, as well as THET110. I passed MATH140, which is an accomplishment. I joined the Satanic Mechanics (whom I love), and made some new friends in Miami Beach during Spring Break. Overall, a great semester.

I'm doing a lot over the summer, and not all of it is fun stuff.
The fun and sort-of-fun:
- I have a new phone. It is made of WIN and AWESOME. I also have new glasses. ^_^
- I have a job at my dad's office as a paid intern, which is rather nice.
- I'm taking two ARTT classes - 110 and 100, 110 during Summer I, and 100 during the first half of Summer II. So far, 110 is quite fun.
- I'm hosting Nerf games infrequently at my house. The ones over Winter Break were awesome (if cold) and hopefully these will be more of the same.
- I'm also (hopefully) going to be DMing a D&D campaign of my own design, with lots of nasty little surprises in store for the players. >D
- OTAKON. what more need be said?
- oh, and my birthday. :P
The not fun:
- I have to take the metro every morning from Grosvenor to CP, which is long. And then, once 110 is over, I have to metro to Bethesda so that I can work.
- I'm living at home. For those who have known me for more than a week, the reasons should be evident in that statement alone.

So far I've completed two days of this crazy home-metro-ARTT110-metro-work@Bethesda-metro(sometimes)-home schedule that I've got going, now all that remains to see if I can survive it for 9 weeks.

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The other thing you must do this summer:
~ Get together with me at least once so you can finally give me back my Yule gifts. (Of course, I like you anyway.) And hopefully that falls under the "fun" category. :P

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