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Otakon 2008, in a nutshell
sith, me, ary, myself
~ Gofering. insanely fun, somehow more-so than attending...o.O
~ ran around as Lucy from Elfen Lied on Friday and freaking out people who knew me (Andrei.)
~ my bf came up behind me while I was on a Gofer shift and glomp me.
~ stayed in a room with a majority of Cosfu members = interesting conversations
~ said roommates giving my bf flak for being 17, and me flak for dating him -_-
~ found an awesome renaissance overcoat in the dealer's room in purple leather that was well worth the price.
~ almost Gofered for 10 hours on Sat, but realised that it was rude to be unavailable, because my bf came up all the way from VA Beach to see me
~ dropped those hours, which resulted in a very happy bf
~ the Cosfu gathering on Friday night; meeting most of the major posters was fun XD
~ found a pair of Tribbles in Artist's Alley and I'm wishing I bought a couple more.
~ ran into Kyliara on Saturday evening. Well, she actually ran into me, I didn't recognise her at first because she was cosplaying the Joker. And was the best I'd seen all con.
~ Ryan makes an awesome Ulqiorra
~ someone took my picture and told me I was the best Lucy they'd seen ^_^
~ spent all of Sunday morning packing, being yelled at by roommates (who had "important" things to do >.>), and met my bf's parents.
~ got a Gofer t-shirt for Gofering more than 10 hour. ^.^

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might I ask what gofering is?

"gofer" is what they call the volunteers. I've no idea why.

Oh! Because you're a "go fer" as in "go fer that, go fer this, go pick up that huge box of materials I ordered," etc.

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