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Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festvial 2008
sith, me, ary, myself

Oh man. Where to begin, XD

I ended up going to Mayhem Fest with my dad, which was really strange, since he's not exactly what you'd call a metalhead. The drive down to the Nissan Pavilion was pretty long, almost an hour, so I created a mix cd (I don't have one of those plug-the-ipod-into-the-cassette-player things) of whatever DragonForce and Disturbed songs I had. We actually got there earlier than expected, arriving at about 6 pm, which meant that Mastadon was still on the main stage. The band was okay, but obviously nothing like DragonForce or Disturbed. My dad was a little overwhelmed, I think, by the crowd. Not so much the numbers, but by the outfits and fashion that shows up in a large crowd of metalheads. There was also a lot of vendors at the concert, which makes sense, since this was more of a music festival than a flat-out concert.

When DragonForce came on stage, it was amazing. Truly amazing. Probably one of the biggest downsides, though, was that the sun was still fairly high, so it made it difficult to see the stage and the band. :(
DragonForce played Operation Ground and Pound, Through the Fire and Flames (duh), and Heroes of Our Time (from their new album, Ultra Beatdown). It was pretty funny when they announced Heroes, though, because they said the album wasn't coming out until Aug 26....but I already own a copy (not legit) and have had it for a few months. :/

It was almost an hour before Disturbed was slated to show, so my dad and I spent a while looking for his secretary and another coworker who were also at Mayhem. It took almost 20 minutes to meet up, because my dad is useless with directions and landmarks. ^_^ I also bought a Mayhem Fest t-shirt, as a memento, and when dad ran off with Fred (a coworker) to watch Machine Head, I went back to our seats and watched them set up. Dad came back after a while, and we decided that we needed food, so he went and got a pizza. The pizza, of course was all but forgotten when Disturbed made their entrance. 

As one of the Tallest (from InvaderZIM) said to the other: "I told you the lasers were a good idea!" The light show that accompanied Disturbed's music was amazing. Breathtaking, almost. It was rather amusing to watch my dad try to get into the crowd mentality by using devil horns...hahaha...kinda sad, in a way, because he doesn't really get the whole subculture of punk/metal. If I remember correctly, Disturbed played the following: Indestructible, Inside the Fire, Down With the Sickness, Voices, Stupify, and Ten Thousand Fists. I think they might've played one or two more, but I can't really remember, because I was too busy shouting along with the songs I knew. ^_^

We left pretty soon after that, because the VA stop on the tour was on a Sunday night, which meant that we both had work in the morning. So, all in all, the festival was amazing, and I'd love to go to it next year.


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