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Too Much Has Happened
sith, me, ary, myself
..since last we spoke.
Now that the dramatic shit's out of my system, we can get on to the normal stuff. If you can call anything involving me 'normal'.

My sophomore year at Maryland has started, and I'm actually trying to keep up with my schoolwork this time, which means the usual run-around of stress, avoiding stress, avoiding doing work, and socialising. Whoops, forgot to put schoolwork in there. XD I've somehow contrived to take 16 credits with only (essentially) four classes. Hebrew is fun, if a bit easy; but, hey, that's why I'm taking it. Meteorology is silly, because the professor posted all of his powerpoints to the web along with notes on each chapter in the book, so no one ever really shows up for lecture. It was weird to come in for the midterm and see the room half-full. Scholars is, as always, a bit of joke. Albeit a joke with some seriously heavy work. My English class is even more of joke than Scholars. We spent the last class creating pictures to accompany poems. :/

I dropped in on AnimeUSA last weekend and ended up meeting some really cool people and having a blast at the rave. One of these days I'll get a set of glow-sabers of my own, to use permanently, instead of restocking with the cheap ones they sell at the rave. I've had people tell me that I look seriously cool when 'sabering' at a rave, but I wouldn't know, 'cause they don't have mirrors in those rooms. It is always a bit weird to realise that you're making friends with people that you might not see again for as much as a year. Although, a bunch of the new con-friends are going to Katsu in February, so at least I'll get to meet up with them. ^^

I'm rambling a bit here, aren't I. Ah, well. Not like I've given away any state secrets. XP I just wish I wasn't so bored. I hate being bored like this, but at the same time not wanting to do anything. It is by far my least favourite state of being. If I had more cash I'd run out on a shopping trip, but I'm trying to save up and commission a costume for Katsucon. ^_^

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If it's the same meteo prof I had he's a hoot. Liked the grading system to. 80% and up is an A.:^D

AnimeUSA sounded sweet this year.

Hm, how's Katsucon? i.e., should I consider going?

definitely! Katsu was my first con and it was amazing! ^_^ and it's smaller than Otakon, too, which means that we can actually meet up with each other and chat for a while. ^^

You'll want to pre-register now, though, because they've got an attendance cap because the hotel is kinda small. >.

Alright! I'll definitely have to do that, then! Eh, guess I'll have to find my schedule first, though. Saturdays in February are a coveted thing for some reason. But if I'm free, I'm definitely going! Haha, second semester senior? Hell yeah, I'm going.

Meeting up and talking wut? Although, yes, you were impossible to find in a mass of 26,000 people. =D;

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