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Otakon 2009
sith, me, ary, myself
Holy shit that was a fun con.

I was helping out Brian Wilson (not the musician), who draws Geist Panik! which is an awesome webcomic. I cosplayed as Riley Hood, the main character of the comic--I was blonde on Friday and Saturday and it was funny. Speaking of which, a lot of funny stuff happened during the weekend.

Even though I didn't leave my house until 10-ish, we (brian and I) got to the con around 11:30 or so, and spent the next half hour trying to find a cheap parking spot. We finally found one, ran into the con to get badges, then started to unload his car. Let me tell you, having a Dealer's ribbon is all kinds of fun--entering through exits, getting into "closed" rooms, etc. XD The Geist Panik table didn't really get set up until around 3:30 due to a lot annoying things, but we set up and got things moving. It was loads of fun saying hi to friends and having them not realise that it was me for a second--the cosplay looked amazing, I think. Brian's a really fun guy to hang out with, and I was sitting in between him and his friend Chris (who does the Blue and Blonde webcomic) for most of the day. The two of them are absolutely hilarious to be around. Hilarity included Brian drawing a 'stache on his index finger and then holding it up to under his nose. He looked ridiculous. One of Chris's friends also made his hair into a bunch of little ponytails, which I of course got a picture of.
I had wanted to go to the rave on Friday night, but Otakon put it in the back hallway again, and it was ridiculously crowded. Thus, I ended up hanging out with Brian and his roommates in their hotel room, watching a salvage show on the history channel. It was actually kind of interesting.

I got into the con just before 10 to help set up the Geist Panik table, to find that Brian was either still asleep or just getting up, the lazy bum :P. Its really interesting to be the person behind the table, and it was great to be recognised by fans of the webcomic. Today was also the day that Mike Hall labelled me "Sniper". His table had all these star-shaped post-its and used them to give all of us tags. I don't recall what Chris's was, but he gave me "Sniper" and Brian "douce" (where the "c" was a cents sign). I got sniper for one reason only. Bored behind the tables during a lull, I began to shoot rubber bands at the other artists with Brian. Mike ended up getting the brunt of it, and by the end of the night, I'd gotten pretty good at nailing the back of his head with rubber bands.
Saturday night was absolutely a riot. Brian, Chris, Mike, and Mike's buddy all went out to get buzzed, and I tagged along for wont of a better thing to do. I got ridiculously hyper off a Shirley Temple and got to watch as Brian & co downed booze. By the time the Uno's and Tir na Nog kicked people out, they were pretty tipsy. I could barely follow their conversation, but apparently they have non-sensical conversations like that when drunk-ish. They went from calling Brian a buffalo, to the server, to some really random shit that I couldn't follow. The night ended with them walking me back to the Hilton, and then heading back to their hotels.

Typical last-day-of-con day. Not much to do except sit around and watch people buy stuff from the table. Brian didn't make it out to the table until 11 or so. I spent a half hour in the morning trying to go down two floors in the Hilton. At first I waited for an elevator on the 4th floor, but gave up after about 20 minutes and tried to take the stairs. The stairs turned out to be a fire escape stairwell, with the only exit after the 4th floor being a fire-alarmed door on the first floor. So I walked down two stories to find out that I had to walk back up two stories with all of my stuff. I then had to wait another 20 minutes for a space in an elevator, and took one up to the 17th floor to go down to the 2nd floor and the skywalk into the con center. >.<
Towards the end, Danger came around and kidnapped me to do some stuff for anime club, which ended up taking us through the dealer's room, which I had managed to avoid for the entire con. Thus tempted, I found myself unable to leave without buying a Squishable penguin, whose name is now Pan. Godsdamn, squishables are awesome. At the end of the con, Brian and I packed up the GP table and put everything in his car, then went to help Morlock Enterprises get all of their stuff into their van/SUV/thingy. The ride back home was pretty uneventful.

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they drove a van?
i'd rather take an inter-dimensional portal



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