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sith, me, ary, myself
As some may have noticed, I don't usually write too many non-event/activity-related journal posts; this is one of the few times that I'm writing because I feel the need to write about something that's happened.

It's really interesting to look back on a younger me, and notice and realise just how much I've changed over the years. It's even more interesting to watch myself change over a period of roughly a month; and somewhat scary at the same time.

Two months ago, the thought of being a Satanic Mechanic would never have crossed my mind, and yet here I find myself Sprouting with them. One month ago, when I first joined the troupe, the one (of a few...) thing that I was very firm about was "touch me and die". I said that I absolutely would not tolerate being touchy-feely with members of the cast. Now, I'm doing the Time Warp for Rocky Horror (on Saturday the 8th), and I've auditioned for a bunch of parts in the upcoming Princess Bride shadowcasting (which include Westley, Inigo, and Humperdinck :P). As I get more and more used to the way that the cast of SM functions, I find myself changing rather drastically.
I've gone to two 'parties' for the SM crowd; the first was Japan Night two weeks ago, the second was last weekend's Sprout Night. Both times, I realised just how much I've changed since joining the cast (sort of). For Japan Night, it was the knowledge that I'd gone to a party where alchohol was present (and being drunk by friends) for the first time. Apparently, Japan Night is on the lower, more tame end of the party scale for SM, which makes me wonder just what the cast party's going to be like after RHPS on Saturday. ^.^

To make things even more interesting, though, fellow SMers have noticed as well. PapaSprout has even asked if I'm okay, because I've been changing so rapidly. By the end of the semester, who knows what kind of a person I'll be...All I know is, I've changed a lot since the end of senior year of high school, and I like it. ^_^

Katsucon 14, Day 3: February 17
sith, me, ary, myself
First things first: going to be at five in the morning, and waking up at ~10:30/11 is not conducive to one's thinking ability.
We had to be out of the room by 12, so that meant there was roughly an hour for everyone (there was 7 of us) to pack up our stuff and get into cosplay (for those of us who were wearing costumes...). I went for the simple and easy-to-travel-in outfit: all black, with my cat ears and tail. I would normally have worn my contacts, too, but the lack of sleep and wearing my contacts for more than 15 hours straight twice in a row meant that my eyes were sorely in need of a break from irritants. I finally figured out (on the last day...-_-) that I could just drop my bags off with the game room and grab 'em when the video game room closed, which was pretty close to the end of the con, and not have to pay for the storage. ^^;
I managed to run into a bunch of other con-friends; Chris, DustBunny, anigirl, and all them while looking for a place to eat lunch (Chipotle) and sat down with them in the middle of the lobby. There was a mutual realisation that we've all known each other for a whole year now, which was really strange. Where does all this time go?? I also ran into Josh early on in the afternoon, but lost him in the dealer's room.
The dealer's room was the source of many great finds this time around--I managed to get the entire InvaderZIM series for $20, because the stuff's always on sale on the last day of the con. I also found this really awesome Victorian-style miniskirt in a deep burgundy red, along with a red chainmail 'purse' that I'm using for all my D&D dice. ^_^
By far the most entertaining piece of the day occurred while I was walking down the stairs near Video2. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I suddenly hear a 'get her' from behind me, and before I know it, there's three girls who've managed to "trap" me between them. One of them was wearing a pair of those pants with all the straps, and the three of them had linked together using the straps, and then closed around me like a venus fly trap. It was really funny, actually. Naturally, there was a fourth person to take a picture of the three of them glomping me. XD

The aftermath isn't terribly exciting: I dropped by my parent's house to grab some stuff I'd forgotten, and then we all got Chinese food for dinner before they dropped me off back on campus.

Katsucon 14, Day 2: February 16
sith, me, ary, myself
As a direct result of not getting back to my hotel room until 3AM, I slept until 10. For some reason, at cons, it would appear that the maximum amount of sleep available is roughly 6 hours...O.o...By the time I changed into my cosplay (Yakushi Kabuto) it was closer to 11:30. I made for the Omni around 12.
The afternoon was spent wandering around the con, for the most part, although I was kinda hoping that I'd run into my friends from the previous day (no luck, really.) I did run into almost all of my con-friends from previous cons and it was awesome to talk with them.I also ran into TAS again, which, since I was in cosplay (again), was somewhat entertaining.
After nearly 3 hours at the con, and eating a small dinner at McDonalds, I got bored of being Kabuto and changed into my neko-fighter-chick outfit and carried around my lightsabers from the previous night. One or two people actually recognised me, which was kinda nice--and one person even took my picture! (which I really badly want...-_-).
I finally met up with Kurt, Josh, Suzy, and co, and we watched the masquerade in the overflow room. The masquerade was okay, and really fun--it's definitely something I plan on attending at future cons, if not being in it. We also all got hungry (sort of) and decided to order pizza in to one of their hotel rooms. The six of us (sans Kurt, but +one other) sat in the hallway to wait for the pizza, which ended up being delivered to the front desk. So, we all went back out to the lobby to grab the pizza, and ate in the sitting area near the game room, which was fun. I also ran into another con-friend, who was cosplaying the new Joker from Batman (really well, I might add).
The rave that night was waaaaay more crowded but equally as fun. I ended up having to replace my lightsabers, because they were kinda cheap and couldn't hold up to the abuse I was putting them through while dancing. Once again, Josh figured out my timing, and we ended up 'fighting' each other. I rather wish I'd been on the outside too, just so I could see what it actually looked like, but I guess that's what pictures are for (if I can find any!) ^^; . I stayed for the entirety of the rave, because by the time I was thinking of leaving, it would have been safer to just wait until it was over and walk back with one of my roommates (who was volunteering), which I did. We got back at 4:30 or so, and I didn't get to sleep until around 5AM.

Katsucon 14, Day 1: February 15
sith, me, ary, myself
Well, this one's rather late, compared to previous con reports, so some things have probably been left out...ah, well. ^^
Left campus at ~3:30 with Andrei for the College Park metro already in costume. I went as a Jounin Orochimaru (from the flashback that Sarutobi has right before he dies during the Chuunin Exams)...apparently the difference between my normal self, and my Jounin Orochimaru was enough that people had trouble recognising me. O_o I got a couple weird looks on my way to the metro and on the metro itself, which caused me no end of amusement.
We got to the con at ~4, checked my bags (they were too heavy to tout around), and I got in line to register for a badge. A number of people glomped me throughout the evening, but eventually I stopped moving around and sat down to watch AMV Hell in the hallway with a bunch of other people. I ended up hanging out with three really neat guys for the rest of the evening (for lack of familiar faces to tag along with). At some point, I got really bored wearing my Orochimaru cosplay, and changed into my rave outfit, which was basically this, except with bows on the ears:

and wore that for the remainder of the evening. We ended up back in the hallway later on, and sat down to watch more crazy AMVs (like AMV Heck), and another showing of AMV Hell 4. Kurt (one of said "neat guys") gave me a really weird face at one point as I was talking along with the AMV, which sent me into a giggling fit. :P

The rave started at 12:30, which we all went to, and there was much rejoicing. I bought myself two LED light sabers and had an absolute blast dancing with them. Another of the "neat guys", Josh, managed to figure out the timing in my dance (which was modeled after the final fight from Serenity, where River goes psycho-bitch on the Reavers), and the end result was that even though we were dancing, it appeared as though we were having a mock-fight. It must've looked really cool; I can't seem to find any pictures, though...-_-
I got back to my hotel (it was near the Chinese Embassy) at around 3AM, and promptly fell asleep.

The Adventures of the Dark Musketeers
sith, me, ary, myself
So, this past Saturday, I invited Andrew over to my place to show him some photoshop tricks that I'd learned, and Kyliara dropped in later on. We all watched the Redskins game with my dad, who was more than happy to have another diehard fan in the house to watch with (Kyliara). We also watched "Window of Opportunity" from Stargate Sg-1 season 4.

Kyliara had a party to go to, so she left, and Andrew was planning on staying behind for a little so I could show him more photoshop stuff. However, Andrew's phone started ringing about 20 minutes later--it was Kyliara. She'd gone the wrong way on 495, almost ended up in Virginia, then turned around to head back towards my house. Kyliara missed the exit, though, and tried to turn around again to catch it, when her pickup hit something and fishtailed. She pulled over onto Clara Barton Parkway to get out of traffic, and parked on the grass--there's no shoulder. That's when she called Andrew.

So, being the good friends we are, Andrew and I jumped in his car and drove out to help Kyliara. We found her about halfway to DC, and jumped out. Her front right tire had blown, leaving a strip of rubber tire in between the hubcap and the grassy mud. After almost an hour of trying to move the car off the grass and back onto the road, the only thing we'd managed to do was get it stuck in the mud about a yard away from it's original position. Kyliara and I started calling people to see if anyone was willing to come out and maybe tow her truck about 10ft to the road--she really didn't want to call a towtruck. There was no luck in finding anyone. Finally, Kyliara called 911 and managed to get a couple of cops to come out and see what they could do.

Surprisingly, they were actually really useful. As the lightest person out there, I was asked to drive the truck out of the mud, so that Kyliara and Andrew could weigh down the trunk of the pickup while the two cops pushed forward. The notion worked, and the car made it out of the mud with no further damage. The spare tire was switched for the dead one, with the police's help, and the three of us drove back to my house to drop me off with no further trouble. ^_^

NOT. We actually ended up going the wrong way on MacArthur, and into DC. So we turned around, and headed back the other way, and finally made it back to my house.

The title for this entry, though, comes from a random comment made to Andrew while we were searching for Kyliara. All three of us wear these long, black coats (theirs are way cooler than mine, though), and since there were three of us, and all three use melee swords for HvZ/CTF, I dubbed us three "the Dark Musketeers". ^^

Work, Cosplay, Cons, and UMDNAS
sith, me, ary, myself
So, it's Winter Break, and I'm busybusybusy. I've got a temp job at my dad's law firm office, helping out with filing, copying, typing, and the occasional IT stuff -- basically bitch-work. But, for what I'm getting paid to do this stuff, I'm not complaining. ^_^ What I make goes towards cons (Katsu and AMA for now), and buying me a new set of rollerblades to use during spring semester on campus.

I've become a moderator for the UMD Nerf Apocalypse Society, helping ref games and plan for Capture The Flag during next semester. Hopefully, we'll figure out if the new NERF Recon CS-6 is any good, because it looks awesome, and I need something with more range than a maverick if I'm going to avoid getting massacred during CTF. ^_^; I'm also working on a super secret project with Kyliara and Andrew for CTF; once it's completed, it's going to be totally awesome.

My planned cosplays for Katsucon aren't coming along so well: my Naruto OC, which is all but completed, needing only for me to finish the ass-bow and buy a can of white hair spray. I've got all the pieces and parts I need for Lina Inverse, for the most part, but just can't seem to dredge up the motivation to work on it. Julia Chang, from Tekken, is another cosplay I'm working on, because it involves a minimum amount of effort.

Speaking of which, I attended AnimeUSA last month (November) and had an absolute blast! I stayed with the most awesome people, and put together a really awesome random outfit with stuff I found in the dealer's room. The pictures from the con can be found on my facebook, for those who know me there...I'm too lazy to post some of them here for now. :P

Humans vs Zombies: Day 10
sith, me, ary, myself
12:00AM- watched Satanic Mechanics' Army of Darkness. great fun.

2:15- exited Stamp. everyone wide awake, so planned party in dorm lounge.

2:30- got GameCube and Pepsi out of room for party. brought down to C-town lounge. Kyliara brought N64 and games as well.

3:00 to 5:00- I kicked ass at Super Smash Bros Melee on my 'cube, and in Pokemon Stadium on the N64. Lost miserably in Pokemon Stadium 2. losers had to do dares. if you weren't there, you don't need to know.

5:05- left party with 'cube. tired.

5:30- went to sleep.

1:30PM- woke up. no longer tired. Shick planned pre-scenario ambush of humans outside McKeldin at 3.

3:00- met outside McKeldin for ambush. didn't quite work out.

3:30- holed up humans inside the library. haha.

3:40- left for animal science building for Zed meet-up.

3:50- zed meeting. divided into squads based on function. my squad, the Army of Darkness, used as camping/ambush squad around/on humans' objective. humans had to get a gun, which would then allow them to kill Rotbeard, the zed hivemind, thus ending and destroying the zombie plague.

4:00- scenario starts. squad in place. literally 'sat' on top of the gun. not very comfortable.

5:00- humans fail to get the superweapon gun. zeds win HvZ. massive hunting in Hornbake plaza, for zeds to turn remaining humans. much fun.

6:00- 'party' breaks up. official end of HvZ. rather sad that it's over.

Humans vs Zombies: Day 9
sith, me, ary, myself
(can't really remember everything...^_^;)

6:50PM- met outside Kim building for briefing on Scenario 7. split into Zombies and Shock Troopers. mission: guard the box.

7:00- scenario begins. Shick in control, for the most part. self, kyliara, and Tea B as mobile unit to prevent breakthrough to the core surrounding the box.

7 something- Kyliara and self positioned to circle around behind Humans to prevent box from reaching Human spawn point.

7 something- humans acquire box. run for wrong spawn point. Shick, Kyliara, and self are "wtf?!". mods discuss what happened. Humans failed this part.

8:00- humans must now reach evac point. TFZs sent to ambush near Hornbake plaza.

8 something- evac point moved due to alarms outside/near the library. ambush squad attempted to reset outside the Pi statues. Humans came up too fast, not enough time to maneuver to front of statues to get them. Success for Humans (I think...).

8:45- scenario officially over. debriefing. humans get another vaccine dart.

9ish- hungry. left to get food with Shick, Ryan, and two other zeds. went to Chipotle, after much deliberation.

10:30- returned to campus. went to Stamp for Satanic Mechanics' Army of Darkness.

11:00- got in line for AoD.

Humans vs Zombies: Day 8
sith, me, ary, myself
9:30AM- woke up. not as tired as I have been--perhaps Zombiedom is catching up to me.

11:00- skipped boring Math lecture. prof can't teach, I have already taken Calc.

11:40- left room for Psychology discussion. no humans sighted, nor fellow zeds.

12:00PM- psyc discussion. took quiz.

12:30- left early. no humans or zeds sighted.

12:45- ate lunch at NC Diner. still no humans or zeds.

1:00- returned to dorm room. lurked on 'net for a while.

1:40- left for CompSci lecture.

2:00- compSci lecture. 4 zeds in class, 2 in my squad.

2:50- left CSIC. no humans.

3:00- back in room. lurked on 'net for scenario updates.

3:55- left for Stamp for scenario 6.

4:10- arrived at Stamp. early. no humans or zeds, yet.

4:20- other zeds arrive. attempted to ambush small group as they exited Stamp. no luck. gathered to plan for scenario.

4:45- scenario begins. zeds have 30 min to get plague boxes to each diner.

4:58- South Campus diner is plagued. squad rushes to help NC group.

5:03- NC group completes mission. NC Diner is plagued.

5:05- return to pi statues for briefing. zeds win, humans can't use ranged weapons within 30ft of a diner.

5:30- starving. ate at SC diner with other zeds.

7:00- returned to dorm after failed ambush attempt at SC diner. very cold.

8:00- began watching anime on laptop while lurking on both NASForums and Facebook.

11:40- stopped watching anime. very tired. went to sleep.

Humans vs Zombies: Day 7
sith, me, ary, myself
9:15AM- awoke. skipped physics102 (sooooo booooooring).

10:20- attempted the math140 webassign. stopped less than halfway through because of lack of motivation.

11:00- lurked on the 'net.

12:15PM- took a nice, long nap. scenarios are incredibly tiring. skipping math discussion--too tired.

1:00- woke up. watched StormChasers.

1:25- left to grab a quick lunch before meeting Prince and Rotbeard to get walky-talkies for the Shambling Horde.

1:50- left Diner to meet up with Zombie friends.

2:15- went off campus for the walkys.

3:15- returned to campus. skipped psychology--boring.

4:20- went off campus with bf for bowling league.

5:40- returned to campus because of logistical/emotional issues amongst team members.

6:35- found self back on campus. prepared to meet up with Rotbeard and Horde for the scenario.

6:45- met up with the Horde behind Anne Arundel for scenario.

7:00- team in position to guard the box, which was in a tree.

7:10- first group of shock troopers blow through. chaos ensued.

7:30- first attempt by humans to take the box. couldn't find it. shocks came through again.

7:45- ambush squad joined up with mine. set up decoy guards around the location most likely to hold the box. box still in tree.

7:50- humans failed last half of scenario. boxes not found by them. zombies and shocks win.

8:15- mods declare the rules surrounding 'vaccine darts' and humans get 4 darts. zeds discuss w-t tactics. labeled w-t's as property of NAS. everyone dismissed from scenario.

8:30- went to stamp for gaming club. played munchkin for an hour or so.

9:40- very hungry. left club for diner. saw two humans inside.

10:00- returned to room. lurked on 'net for a while.

11:30- very tired. went to sleep.


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